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Bark & Mulch

Beautify your landscaping areas naturally with Mountain West Yard Care™, Nature's Magic, & Mountain Magic ground covers.  Our barks and mulches are made in a wide variety to fit any landscaper's style.

Mountain Magic Gorilla Hair Premium Landscape Mulch

  • Premium all-bark landscape mulch
  • Natural red color
  • Double-ground for maximum coverage
  • No chemicals or colorants
  • Completely natural & organic



Mountain Magic Driftwood Beauty Bark

  • Maximum curb appeal
  • Great for front entrances
    • Use with Soil Pep as an organic weed barrier and to increase coverage by 30%
    • Two-layer process saves money!




    Yard CareTM Western Red Cedar Mulch

    Yard CareTM Western Bark Nuggets

    Yard CareTM Shredded Western Bark

    Nature's MagicTM Color-Enhanced Mulch